The lonely facade Downtown rink looking for a new name

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Any business wanting to raise its profile can do so by getting its name on the downtown Grande Prairie arena complex.

The opportunity is available as the previous partner, the Revolution Auto Group, decided not to renew their naming agreement.

“The Revolution Auto Group had signed on for a contract that was ending last June,” said Christina Kurylo, a marketing specialist with the city. “We actually knew that they weren’t going to renew the contract in 2019.

“Rather than going out seeking a new partnership during the pandemic, we decided just to wait and hold off. Now we are feeling pretty comfortable where things are at now and thought it would be a great time to open the discussion with local businesses and work at moving forward for a new partner.”

Kurylo added the city is looking to hear from interested parties.

“What we are looking for is an expression of interest,” Kurylo explained. “The (interested businesses) can find that on the city website, and it is under the Businesses Services tab, and they will see naming rights and sponsorship opportunities.”


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Kurylo said naming rights is not a one size fits all scenario.

“We are looking for the right partner that will give back to the community,” Kurylo said. “It is all going to be customizable. We don’t have a cookie-cutter package with a price. It definitely is going to depend upon conversations and what the potential partner wants to see out of the venue marketing, as well as what the city wants to see out of the partner.”

Kurylo said the city is looking for a long-term commitment, possibly eight to 10 years and a solid community partner.

“Not only for the branding purposes and the potential partner to have that long-term effect on the building is critical,’ she said. “It is for the community. It takes a while for people to catch on to that name. The longer it is on there, it is a win-win for everybody. We are going to take marketing initiatives into account and facility enhancements. There is a lot of things that will go into this, but what we’re looking for is businesses to submit their interests and then we will be reaching out and having further (discussions).”

The naming rights are for the building and would incorporate the entire complex and the arena side of the facility.

“It would be for the building and the website — it would be, (for example), XYZ Centre from now on kind of thing,” Kurylo said. “We are keeping the Bowes Family Gardens as the Bowes Family Gardens so that portion wouldn’t change.”

Anyone wanting to submit an expression of interest can do so by emailing For more information, check out the website at

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