Edge looks to add soccer program

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Edge School Skill Academy Grande Prairie is proposing the introduction of a soccer academy for the 2013-2014 school year.

Edge will be hosting an open house tonight from 7-8 p.m. at Alexander Forbes school, to gauge interest in the program.

“We really want to see a lot of people out there, that way I can make a proper presentation to our board to get this going,” said Trevor Whitby, an instructor at Edge School. “Numbers are kind of up in the air but I would think if I could get somewhere between 24-40 (interested students), I think that’s what we are looking at right now.”

The Edge Soccer Academy would be a developmental program available for students from Grades 4-12, run much in the same fashion as the hockey program. Student athletes would attend normal curriculum classes, as well as practise and training programs designed specifically to enhance individual skill sets for the sport of soccer.

Whitby said the popularity of the sport within the Grande Prairie community suggests that the time is right for Edge expansion into soccer.

“The demand … there is a great amount of soccer players in this community and they deserve to get that athletic training,” he said. “Our model is basically a long-term development program and we are looking at ways to support the Wolves (Wolves Soccer Club) from Grades 4-9 and then hopefully, because there is no U-18 (Wolves) team, we would actually step in and do that through (the school). And then, with (Edge Soccer Academy technical director) Chris Spaidal coaching at GPRC (Grande Prairie Regional College), we will have kids going from Grade 4 right through to college, playing straight through. No red-shirting, just playing.

“It’s all about more touches with the ball and getting closer to that ‘10,000 hours’,” he added, referencing the Malcom Gladwell theory that it takes 10,000 of practise to master any specific task.

The Edge Soccer Academy would utilize the outdoor pitches for the months that are ‘snow free’, then move indoors to the Grande Prairie Soccer Association facilities, and/or the County Sportsplex indoor pitches.

“As long as it’s nice out, we would stay outside, because kids have to get used to playing in the wind and playing on grass,” said Whitby. “But we will used indoor pitches as well.”

In order to enrol at Edge School Soccer Academy, students must attend Alexander Forbes school, École Parkside (from Grades 4-6) or Grande Prairie Composite high school.

For more information, contact Whitby at Alexander Forbes school, 780-532-1365.


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